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Senior Recognition Luncheons

The Old Settlers' Reunion Association Board of Directors

​We are again looking forward to seeing all of our seniors turning 60 years old this coming year and all those that already 60+ years. If you have not taken the opportunity to join your senior friends and family members in the past years, now is the time to start planning for a wonderful event that has been enjoyed by many.

Invitations will be sent to those of you whom we know about. If you have not received an invitation in the past, we would like to hear from you. Perhaps, we do not have a correct address for you, but we would like to invite you to join our festivities. Please contact one of your Board members for more information, or call Mary Guy at (989) 561-2228 or Ron Smith at (616) 241-6883 to let us know if you and your guest will be attending.

Self-addressed postcards will be included in the mailing for your convenience. Just check the appropriate box, add your name and current address, and return it to us.
Join us for a great time!



Email us for more information:

Hello, again Old Settler Seniors!!
For the last 15 years, we have delighted in holding this special event to acknowledge you and to express our gratitude for the rich histories that you have shared and for your support over the years. September 21, 2019, is the date for the 16th Annual Old Settlers’ Reunion Association Senior Recognition and Appreciation Luncheon.

Please set aside that afternoon; plan to join us for this event, and enjoy time to reflect on wonderful memories with your friends and family.
Invitations have been mailed but if you haven’t received yours, contact Ron Smith at 616-241-6883, to add your name to our 60 years and older invitation list

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