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Kaylee Henderson

The Old Settlers Reunion Association Scholarship for 2017 has been awarded to Kaylee E. Henderson. Kaylee will attend Kalamazoo College in the fall of 2017. Kalamazoo College, also known as K College, is a small, private liberal arts school in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Kaylee shared this in her application:

This scholarship is worth more than just money. This one, in particular, is more meaningful than any others I have applied to because I would be honoring my family while achieving a higher education.

I plan to give back to the OSRA by becoming a member like my parents and continuing to go to the reunions each year. I want the next generation in my family to understand their heritage.


As a recipient of this scholarship, I would be paying homage to my roots and all of my ancestors who have made my privilege of attending college possible.



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