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Little River School Dedication~


What this Historical Marker means to me…..The historical marker dedication ceremony marked a major milestone in a journey that began 136 years ago. As a direct descendant of Isaac and Lucy Millard Berry, I was so proud to be able to attend and see this dream come true. When Great-Grandpa Isaac and Granny Lucy came to Michigan and settled on the land where School Section Lake Park now stands, they had a dream. A quote from the Old Settlers: A Nation Within Itself says, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.” Their dream was to settle there, raise their children in freedom, and build something that the community could share, thus a school where the community’s children could attend and be educated.


This ceremony gave a proper thank you for all that they endured and dreamed of. Their lives and contributions made it possible for us to live with more dignity, freedom, possibilities, and opportunities. This ceremony actively remembered my great-grandparents, grand-parents and parents as well as other loved ones. It ensured that they are not forgotten, that their lives had meaning, and that they live through us, the living. It is a great honor to be a descendant.They would have been so proud to be remembered in this way. 

Historical Monument Dedication Ceremony Comments

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