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In Memory Contributions

We are grateful for the moments in time that were shared and will strive to extend the same love of humanity that have been shared with all those we serve.

Porter Hills Foundation Memorial
Remembering Steve Jones

Talk to the residents of Cook Valley Estates and Porter Hills Village Garden Apartments, and the name Steve Jones will be very familiar to all. The well-being of each individual was genuinely important to him and he wanted the decision, location, and environment to be the best possible choice for each family. The man touched the lives of all he knew. There was an amazing kaleidoscope of diversity as all who honored him gave different insights to a beautiful mosaic of his life.


His friends remarked about his dedication to lifelong learning, commitment to his ideals, and his unwavering devotion to the West Michigan community. Everyone knew of Steve's passion for documenting African American history and how proud he was when his article "Woodland Park, Newaygo County's Hidden Black Gem" was published in Michigan History Magazine.


Steve Jones will be missed by his colleagues, friends and family. 


For memorial contributions, Steve's family has designated the Art Acquisition Fund at Porter Hills Foundation, 4450 Cascade Road SE, Suite 200, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. The funds will be used to acquire an original work by a Michigan artist to commemorate the significant contributions made by Steven F. Jones in providing a nurturing and comforting environment for our senior population.

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