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OSRA Scholarship In Memory or Honor Of Donations

Contributions to the Old Settlers Reunion Association, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax deductible as permitted by law.
Charitable giving can be a special tradition for many families. Giving for the benefit of others can be an exceptional way to reaffirm the values and priorities we share with our loved ones. One way to remember our family members and friends who have lived before us is through scholarship memorial gifts. These donations represent a heartfelt way to honor the cherished memory of others.
Sample Contributions ~

Enclosed is my scholarship donation or gift of:

$1000 ___ $500 ___ $250 ___ $100 ___ $50 ___ $25 ___ Other $ ____________

Scholarship Honor/Memorial Giving

I would like to make a donation of $_______ in memory of ____________________________________________________________________________________

I would like to make a donation of $ _______ in the honor of __________________________________________________________________________________


You can make donations in two different ways:

1. By Mail

2. By Paypal.

Mail ~
Scholarship Donation Form (PDF form - download/save/print)

Please complete and make checks payable OSRA Scholarship Fund and return to:

Old Settlers Reunion Association - Scholarship Fund
627 Madison Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Please make sure you fill in the name in the section "Add in Memory or Honor Name for Donation" for the scholarship donation. (See sample image above) This will be shown before you submit your amount to donate.


Thank you for supporting the Organization!

Email us for more

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