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OSRA Scholarhip ~ Apply Online


Apply online for an OSRA Scholarship.


Complete Scholarship Application Google Form then upload the other required eligibility files:


Step 1. Complete Scholarship Application Online Form:

Link to Scholarship Application Online Form



Make sure to add your name as your file name  before uploading.


Step 2. Upload Eligibility Files 1 - 6:

All participants need to upload their application eligibility files:

  • Click on Link to Upload Application Eligibility Files

  • Select the file(s) to upload

  • Upload your file(s)

  • If you need assistance, please email us.


How to use Dropbox to upload your application


1. How to upload OSRA Scholarship Applications


Click here for How to Upload Application Tutorial


2.  Link to Upload Application Eligibility Files


THE ASSOCIATION’S OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the Old Settlers Reunion Association Scholarship is to encourage and promote education to worthy individuals who are direct descendants of the early Black Settlers in Isabella, Mecosta, and Montcalm Counties. All Applicants are encouraged to become actively involved in the OSRA to continue to grow the Organization and to ensure that our histories are passed to coming generations.   

  • Eligibility shall be granted to a direct descendant and/or legally adopted child of a direct descendant.

  • Accepted for admission to an institution of higher learning, i.e., four-year institution or two-year College. 

  • Candidate shall have earned a minimum of 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 GPA scale) during her/his high school career and is  about to receive a graduation certificate.

Only Candidates from households that have paid current Membership Dues will be considered.   

The applicants shall:   

1.  Include a two hundred-word (200) or more typed essay which details….  (Make sure your name is added each file that you upload)
•            Research on his/her ancestry to include at least five (5) generations of historical information  
•            What the scholarship means to him/her  
•            How he/she plans to give back to the OSRA  
•            His/her plans for the future  
2.  Proof of admission to college  
3.  Include a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation from non-relatives (addressed to the OSRA Scholarship Committee) attesting to your character and leadership potential.  
4.  Include a copy of his/her high school transcript.  
5.  Include a list of any extra-curricular activities (volunteer work) with the name of the organization or activity, the dates involved and the positions held.
6.  Registered mail, email, or apply online to submit the required materials and application date to the address below.  

All applications must be postmarked, emailed, or uploaded no later than April 15, 2021.



627 Madison Ave.,  SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Email Address:  Ron Smith:

Questions regarding the application and eligibility should be directed to OSRA Chairperson, Ron Smith


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