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Membership Dues

Membership Dues Information ~ Household Membership: $10.00 per year

In Article II, Section 1, our Bylaws state that: At age eighteen, and upon registering, any direct descendant shall be eligible for active membership in the O.S.R.A., and enjoy all membership privileges of making motions, of voting, of holding office, and receiving the quarterly newsletter as long as they support the Association with payment of their Membership Dues.


It is appropriate that only those who demonstrate their support would enjoy the privileges of membership. With dues payment, we are able to make the Scholarship money available for our children and provide seed money for fundraisers and, keep you informed by way of a quarterly newsletter.

If you are not receiving information, or know of someone that is not, please take a few minutes and send in your/their address, etc. so the information can be added to our mailing list. Thank you all for your continued support.

We want to thank all of our Members for your dues & donations supporting the initiatives of the OSRA.

OSRA Membership Dues can be paid by mail or by Paypal.


To Pay By Mail:

Submit Name, Address and Email Address ~



Fill-in online/save or download/save and print


Send money order or check to​​​:


Old Settlers Reunion Association
627 Madison Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49

To Pay By Paypal

$10.00 per year

There will be a $.53 fee added to the $10.00, if paying by Paypal.




Email us for more information:

Contributions to the Old Settlers Reunion Association, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible as permitted by law. The Scholarship program is supported by Membership dues and fundraisers.


We need your help in reaching our Scholarship goals of $1,000 to applicants graduating from high school and, to make available two(2) scholarship of $500 each to post-high school/re-entry students. If you or a member of your family have benefit-ed from the OSRA Scholarship, we ask that you continue your support for future students. If you haven’t paid your FY2013 Membership Dues yet, join other proud descendants who have already made their commitment to our young people. Do your part today and enjoy the privileges of Membership.

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OSRA Membership

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